IPPAN is a multifunctional platform built with post-quantum technology and with its own blockchain to support both financial and non-financial transactions. It is a social network, a video and content sharing platform, an online messaging system and a cryptocurrency to reward its users and its audience while simply using your smartphone.

IPPAN is the acronym of Instantaneous People’s Payment Automated Network.

But IPPAN is also a Japanese word with different meanings depending on the way it is written:

- 般 いっぱん means “general”, “universal” But if written
- 飯 いっぱん the world IPPAN means “bowl of rice”

Both meanings symbolized the spirit of IPPAN, an universal cryptocurrency, sustainable, egalitarian and accessible.

The symbol of the IPN Þ is a graphic elaboration of the Thurisaz of the Rune alphabet, a symbol of strength and disruption. With its revolutionary technology, IPPAN will make a long-term impact on the world of cryptocurrencies, starting with the mining process which is energy efficient and environmentally sustainable.

IPPAN does not require high levels of energy consumption for sharing contents online, or solving complex mathematical operations to create coins or to verify transactions. It is sustainable, green and energy efficient.

It is a mixed network because it takes the best of both models.

IPPAN has a central master node that controls all operations but it also avails itself of the devices connected to the network to coordinate tasks and/or micro-tasks requested by other nodes within the network.

The network encrypts sensitive information with new post-quantum cryptography algorithms.

IPPAN uses two kinds of post-quantum algorithms, one to share secure data between peers and the other to generate signatures resistant to quantum computers; the latter one is also applied to the IPPAN Blockchain.

When opening a new account, IPPAN automatically generates post-quantum keys unique to the account holder. Through this key you get access to your account and to the wallet where your currency holdings and transactions are registered and safe-kept in the Blockchain.

IPN are generated in three ways of coinbase:

1) Payconnect - be rewarded by connecting your device to the network. Once connected, your device will contribute to the functioning of the network by executing micro-tasks for IPPAN which will be rewarded in units of IPN. Based on the number of users connected and for how long, IPPAN will calculate automatically the reward which is then paid in your portfolio once a day.

2) Jackpot - a jackpot happens every 10 minutes when units of IPN are paid to a winner randomly selected among the users currently online. The network will determine the winner through quantum relative entropy calculation. Once a month, IPPAN will distribute The Great Jackpot, a special event that happens on a random day, with more than one winner.

3) PayStream is a source of income for content creators. Based on the numbers of viewing and interaction on your contents you are rewarded with units of IPN. Connect on IPPAN to monetize your time and your creativity.

There is nothing you can do to win the Jackpot, as it is distributed randomly, according to the number of users connected on the network.

You can find more detailed information about the calculation formulas and execution time, Whitepaper.

You need to download the application! At the moment it is available for Android.

IPPAN is a social network with its own cryptocurrency Instant Payment Network or IPN indicated by the symbol “Þ”.

- Þ: each IPN is divided into 1,000,000 units called “micro ippan” indicated by the symbol.

- μÞ: these are the smallest exchangeable units. The system is able to support nano transactions and it is constantly calculating in nano units.

You can find real-time information about currency behavior on the Blockchain page, which is public for all consultations.

IPN, like any other currencies, have to be available on the network to support it, however not too abundant to become worthless. Therefore, in IPPAN, the generation of coins is controlled by the IPPAN Inflation Rate algorithm to avoid unnecessary inflationary pressure.
IPPAN is the result of the encounter of a group of creative minds known as Kambei Sapote.
Kambei Sapote is a fictional character inspired by the Japanese masterpiece “The Seven Samurai''. A hero who defends a poor village of peasants from the regular assaults of rogue bandits for a “bowl of rice” because simply driven by his ethics and his courage.

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