Post-quantum cryptocurrency with social network

IPPAN is the first post-quantum and energy efficient, cryptography-based social network, rewarding people for their time and creativity.

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We have created a solid integrated and inclusive platform

IPPAN is a social network with the ability to process bidirectional transactions, simultaneously, in an energy efficient way.

Instantaneous Payment Network

Instantaneous Payment Network or IPN is the main currency of the platform, supported by a strong proprietary blockchain technology.

Content creation

IPPAN is a video-sharing network, rewarding its users for their time and their creativity.

A Social Network and Messaging System

IPPAN allows you to share text messages, video calls and other contents.

Post-quantum technology

Ippan supports post-quantum technology to ensure security and safety of your data. It can resist post-quantum computer attacks.

Manage your wallet

Payments and other financial operations are easily managed through a personalised wallet. All transactions are recorded and safely stored thanks to the proprietary blockchain technology.

How does it work?

IPPAN is an innovative and environmentally friendly cryptocurrency platform, capable of supporting millions of transactions safely and in real time. IPN can be easily mined via your smartphone by simply interacting through the social network with a very limited energy consumption.



IPN are generated by the users connected to the network.



IPPAN allows you to carry out various types of financial and non-financial transactions.



Share your best moments, connect with friends, be creative while earning IPN.


Monetize your talent by creating your content

Post your creative contents and earn IPN while reaching out to a valuable audience.

Coins are distributed based on the number of audience members watching, liking and sharing your contents.

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A network with post-quantum technology

The algorithms of the network are adapted to the new technological generation of quantum physics computers.

We love to be transparent

Click on our Blockchain page to find records of the network's transactions